High-Risk Pregnancy

There are several situations where women are at risk of having complications during pregnancy by virtue of factors such as women’s age, past history and pre-existing medical problems. Amongst most common problems in pregnancy are diabetes, hypertension and thyroid problems. Women with these and other medical problems are seen in a multidisciplinary setting along with physicians.  

Specialised investigation and treatment is offered to those with repeated abortions. 

Women who had one or more caesarean section in the past are encouraged to try for normal delivery and are given every possible care necessary to identify any problem at the earliest so that appropriate intervention is carried out. 

Dr Niraj has published several papers in International Scientific Journals and made presentations in the field of Intrapartum fetal monitoring (care of unborn baby during the process of labour). His articles are widely read and quoted as standard reference in Internationally reputed medical journals. 

Placenta Praevia – In this condition the placenta that should normally be placed in the upper portion is in the lower half of the uterus.  Based on the extent / severity of this condition, the mode of delivery will be impacted necessitating caesarean section delivery in most women. Apart from this, it also puts women at significant risk of bleeding before as well as at the time of delivery. Blood transfusion may be needed based on the amount of blood loss.

Adherent Placenta – Placenta can be densely adherent and can invade the caesarean section scar in if it is placed in lower half of uterus. This is quite a high-risk situation where there may be need to remove the uterus (hysterectomy) at the time of delivery by caesarean section. This is a high-risk situation which we manage in our hospital by a multi-disciplinary team approach.

Pregnancy care in those conceived after infertility treatment – Most women in this category are elderly and are at risk of medical problems in pregnancy that may be pre-existing or develop during pregnancy. These women need multi-disciplinary setting with experienced team to take care throughout pregnancy and in the period following delivery.  We have the expertise and the team to provide such specialized care.

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